Eric Fenny
Eric Fenny
Product Designer

Google: Evolution of the Web

To celebrate the third anniversary of Chrome, Google asked Hyperakt to create an interactive timeline that visualized the evolution of web browsers since 1990. My job was to weave data on web technologies, internet browsers, and global traffic trends into a compelling narrative that outlined the internet's dramatic transformation. The resulting piece won Silver in Interactive Visualization from the 2013 Internet is Beautiful Awards and was featured in Time, Forbes, and The Guardian.


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Each web technology is represented by a ribbon and each ribbon intersects a browser's timeline at the point in which the technology was introduced.


Clicking on any timeline showcases each version of the selected browser, providing a visceral reminder of how dramaticaly the web has evolved.


Overlaying global user and traffic data allows one to witness the internet's growth through a quantitative lens.


The "lights out" toggle darkens the timeline for an alternate viewing experience. I'd like to say this was done for accessibility reasons, but honestly it was just because we thought the black background looked cool!


Evolution of the Web won Silver from the 2013 Information is Beautiful Awards. Here is the piece being presented at a Google conference.