Eric Fenny
Eric Fenny
Product Designer

The Refugee Project

The Refugee Project is a self-initiated data visualization created at Hyperakt. We challenged ourselves to translate 40 years of raw data from The UN Refugee Agency into an educational, interactive experience.

The final piece allows for map-based exploration of refugee migrations over time. The quantitative display is complemented by original histories of the major refugee crises from the last half-century.

The Refugee Project was selected for MoMA’s Design and Violence exhibition and was recognized with several awards, amongst them a Gold Medal at the 2014 Information is Beautiful Awards and Silver at Malofiej 22.


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The backbone of The Refugee Project is a world map that quantifies refugee origins and destinations. The timeline doubles as a navigation device spanning over 40 years.


By hovering over a region, one can immediately see all refugee pathways to and from the selected territory.


A summary of major world events provides additional context to heightened activity on the refugee map.